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We offer arborist tree climbing rope that has been specially selected to meet the needs of professional arborists, tree surgeons, access professionals and champion tree climbers.

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  • arborist rope imagegreen arbor rope

    Arbor Response | Rope for Tree Surgery | 12mm


    This rope has been specifically designed for arborists. Bright colour and slightly thicker than standard static rope make for a great arbor line.
    Safety Standard: CE certified and complies with EN 1891. CE certified CE2233 Ā  View product details and technical information

  • donaghys cougar orange imagedonaghys cougar orange image

    Donaghys Cougar Rope for Arbor and Climbing 11.7mm


    Donaghys has worked closely alongside certified Arborists and champion tree climbers to develop a range of arbor ropes you can hang your life on.
    Safety Standard: ANSI Z 133 Standards.Ā CE certified and complies with EN 1891. CE certified CE2233

  • marlow venom arbor rope bluemarlow venom arbor rope red

    Marlow Ropes Venom 11.8mm Lightweight Arborist Climbing Line


    Test standards:
    CE EN 1891 TYPE A, ANSI

    • Compatible with the latest climbing devices
    • Excellent energy absorption for safety
    • Flexible & easily handled
    • Good abrasion resistance
    • High elongation
    • Lightest weight
    • Serial numbered factory terminations for regulatory compliance
  • Marlow Blue Ocean Gecko 13mm Climbing Rope


    BLUE OCEANĀ® GECKO presents the same outstanding climbing rope as Marlow’s initial Gecko, featuring a 16-plait cover woven from our eco-friendly Blue Ocean yarn. This unique composition imbues the rope with remarkable suppleness, durability, and strength.

    BLUE OCEANĀ® GECKO is meticulously engineered for Arborists.

  • Marlow Vega 11.7mm Climbing Rope


    Vega is certified for safety and quality, meeting UKCA and CE EN1891 standards, and aligning with ANSI Z133 compliance. This lightweight arborist climbing rope stands out with its exceptional low elongation rate of just 1.2%, currently among the best in the industry. It’s purposefully designed to cater to the latest mechanical climbing devices and contemporary climbing techniques. With a braided polyester core for minimal elongation and a 24 plait polyester jacket for unparalleled flexibility and durability, Vega ensures efficient and less strenuous climbs.

  • Marlow Gecko 13mm Climbing Rope


    Designed as a traditional 13mm climbing rope for double rope technique. Gecko has a tough and durable 16 plait Polyester cover making the rope supply and hard wearing – ideal for use with friction hitches. UKCA and CE certified in accordance with EN 1891, Gecko can be spliced* but is also available with either low profile spliced eyes or sewn eye termination.

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Arborist Rope

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What type of rope do arborists use?

Arborist ropes are specially manufactured to meet the needs of a professional tree climber or tree surgeon. They must withstand the friction involved in climbing trees and be durable yet flexible.

Our products conform to the arboriculture safety requirements for equipment used in pruning, removing or maintaining trees. We stock ropes you can rely on and a price point that suits you. All of our orders come with free shipping as standard.

Regardless of ropes, tree climbing can be dangerous. The Z133 Safety Standard for the arboriculture industry recommends replacing climbing ropes every year for your protection.

Arborist tree climbing ropes, also referred to as static lines or a climbing line, are designed with a minimal stretching ability which provides you with the necessary support for climbing trees and as a throw line. They are also brightly coloured to ensure high visibility throughout climbing and rigging activities.

When it comes to climbing rope, tree workers will have personal preferences, but most are created with either a braided weave or a kernmantle weave and will have at least 16-strands. You should look for a line with a double braid construction. All our climbing ropes for trees also come with a non-slip sheathing, ensuring that they are abrasion resistant can withstand friction and hold knots securely.

Our range of high-quality products includes Southern Ropes, double braid 24 strand rope from Donaghys and Marlow that are cut to order to meet your climbing rope requirements.

All our low price arborist climbing ropes have free delivery in the UK, so contact us today with your needs.

What is the best rope for tree work?

While all arborists will have their own tried tested methods and preferred equipment for tree work, here are some points to remember when selecting rope. We offer several fantastic lines with free shipping. Many of our climbing and tree surgery customers opt forĀ Donaghys Cougar Blue or Orange 24 strand rope. It’s the choice of professionals throughout the world.

Static lines or ropes for tree climbing, are required for ascending or descending a tree safely. Ropes that offer limited stretch are best for tree work as they prevent you from bouncing and help to preserve your energy. We’d also opt for a 24 strand line. These ropes come in different diameter sizes, and the recommended thickness will depend on your needs. While a thicker option will be more comfortable to grip, it will also be heavier.

A rigging rope is required for pruning and taking down either full complete trees or individual limbs. It is attached to the limb that needs to be removed, ensuring it can be smoothly lowered to the ground, usually with a pulley.

When choosing a climbing line for tree work, aside from price, you need to be sure that you are selecting one for climbing or rigging, you can’t interchange the two. Despite appearances, the composition of each rope is different and they are only suitable for their intended use. One important factor to look for is colour – you need a bright line that stands out among the foliage that’s easy to spot and capture in a hurry.

What rope is best for outdoor use?

The best climbing line for outdoor use will depend on the conditions in which you are operating. The below information provides a brief overview of the different uses of ropes according to their construction, if you have a specific product or price point in mind, but please get in touch.

Polypropylene ropes are best suited for use on water, for example with lifebuoys, as they are resistant to mould and will not rot. However, polypropylene is stretchy and doesn’t return to its previous size once stretched, so not the best choice for a tree climbing rope.

Nylon rope is ideal for pulling heavy items and for weight-bearing. It is durable and has considerable stretching capabilities but will weaken in water. Nylon rope is also resistant to abrasion, which is why it is commonly used in pulley systems.

Polyester ropeĀ is one of the most heavy-duty options and is popular in rigging and marine operations. It retains strength even when wet and is also resistant to chemicals. Many rope products now have a polyester core, even if other materials are used in the exterior.