Rope Access Explained: Your Comprehensive Guide to What It Is & How It Works

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What is Rope Access?

Rope access is a method used to gain access to hard-to-reach areas, typically at height, using ropes and other access equipment and tools. It is a fast, safe, and low-impact method of completing tasks. It minimises man-hours and reduces risk to both the person and the nearby environment. Independent, certified rope access technicians uphold exceptional standards and it remains one of the safest on-site roles.

Equipment plays an ever-important role in the access industry and here at Access Ropes, we have made it our primary mission to provide products that are certified safe at the highest level. We know how important it is to trust your tools and we have established excellent links directly with manufacturers. We’re developing our range slowly, curating what we offer to make sure we’re the best in the business. Our static rope and dynamic rope remain at the forefront of our range. 

Find out more from IRATA – The International Rope Access Trade Association.

Why Choose Rope Access?

More efficient – Rope access equipment can be assembled and disassembled quickly. This reduces man-at-risk hours and greatly improves on-site efficiency.

Better value – Without bulky, expensive equipment, rope access reduces on-site costs and impact. Equipment is easy to upgrade and adapt to a particular situation. Here at Access Ropes, we buy directly from the manufacturer allowing us to offer the same top-quality products at unrivaled prices without ever compromising on safety or quality.

Safer – Rope access is practiced by highly trained, certified professionals who uphold exceptional safety records. This makes it one of the safest jobs on-site.

Environmentally friendly – Rope access has minimal impact on the surrounding environment, requiring no land clearance or adaption. Emissions are reduced across the chain from both transporting heavy equipment to on-site motor emissions.

Versatile – Rope access can be used in areas that other equipment simply can’t get to. From confined spaces to tower sites. There are advanced rope access techniques to suit all environments.

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