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  • Marlow Static LSK


    Low stretch kernmantle rope designed for rope access, work positioning, caving and abseiling. Significantly outperforms CE 1891 test standards with outstanding dynamic properties.

    • Good abrasion resistance
    • High elongation
    • Excellent energy absorption for safety
    • High strength
    • Visible year marker
    • Works brilliantly with ascenders and descenders
  • Marlow Blue Ocean Gecko 13mm Climbing Rope


    BLUE OCEAN® GECKO presents the same outstanding climbing rope as Marlow’s initial Gecko, featuring a 16-plait cover woven from our eco-friendly Blue Ocean yarn. This unique composition imbues the rope with remarkable suppleness, durability, and strength.

    BLUE OCEAN® GECKO is meticulously engineered for Arborists.

  • Marlow Gecko 13mm Climbing Rope


    Designed as a traditional 13mm climbing rope for double rope technique. Gecko has a tough and durable 16 plait Polyester cover making the rope supply and hard wearing – ideal for use with friction hitches. UKCA and CE certified in accordance with EN 1891, Gecko can be spliced* but is also available with either low profile spliced eyes or sewn eye termination.

  • Marlow Vega 11.7mm Climbing Rope


    Vega is certified for safety and quality, meeting UKCA and CE EN1891 standards, and aligning with ANSI Z133 compliance. This lightweight arborist climbing rope stands out with its exceptional low elongation rate of just 1.2%, currently among the best in the industry. It’s purposefully designed to cater to the latest mechanical climbing devices and contemporary climbing techniques. With a braided polyester core for minimal elongation and a 24 plait polyester jacket for unparalleled flexibility and durability, Vega ensures efficient and less strenuous climbs.

  • Marlow Vesper 11.8mm Climbing Rope


    Introducing Vesper, the cutting-edge tree climbing line, new from 2022. This 11.8mm rope boasts an all-polyester construction, offering low elongation, excellent friction, and heat resistance. Vesper meets the rigorous EN 1891 Type A standards and holds both CE and UKCA certifications. Available in high visibility colors, with or without a low-profile splice termination, it’s your ideal companion for tree climbing adventures.

  • Marlow Dynamic Rope


    Test Standards: CE EN 892

    When it comes to your climbing and safety needs, Marlow Dynamic Climbing Ropes stand out as the perfect choice. These ropes are engineered to deliver an exceptional combination of attributes, making them the go-to solution for various applications, from climbing to fall arrest and more.

  • ProTec 500


    New CE Certified EN1891 Type A 11mm semi static rope with a Technora® cover, essential for Rope Access professionals requiring a work positioning rope with outstanding heat resistant properties up to 250°C.

  • Marlow pH-I STATIC


    CE and UKCA certified static rope with unique colour change marker that will change from yellow to red when exposed to strong acids, indicating rope compromise.

  • Protec 250


    CE EN1891 Type A certified 11mm semi-static rope with a Technora® cover, essential for all Rope Access professionals requiring a work positioning rope with outstanding heat resistant properties.

  • Marlow Reflective Static


    Low Stretch Kernmantle rope with the same specification as Marlow Static Rope. This rope has a reflective fleck woven into the braid. It can be used for rope access, work positioning, caving and abseiling at night or in dark/confined conditions where visibility of the line is important.

  • Ronin HP


    New CE Certified EN1891 Type A 11.5mm semi static rope with black polyester markers, essential for Rope Access professionals requiring a work positioning rope with outstanding heat resistant properties.

    *This is a specialist product please enquire for lead time before purchase.

  • Diablo Static Rope For Extreme Use


    High quality, UKCA and CE Type A certified rope with a special heat resistant cover. Designed for military, police and emergency services, essential for rope access requiring a low stretch rope with added resistance to extreme environments and hard use.

  • Blue Ocean Static Video Cover Image

    Marlow Blue Ocean Static


    Eco-conscious innovative rope solution made from 100% Blue Ocean yarn, NFPA and CE certified. Ideal for rope access, abseiling and work positioning.

  • Black Marlow


    Tried and tested high-quality rappelling rope used by forces around the world. Specifically designed for rapid descent from helicopters, rock faces, and urban warfare situations. Check out our range of military rope

  • marlow venom arbor rope bluemarlow venom arbor rope red

    Marlow Ropes Venom 11.8mm Lightweight Arborist Climbing Line


    Test standards:
    CE EN 1891 TYPE A, ANSI

    • Compatible with the latest climbing devices
    • Excellent energy absorption for safety
    • Flexible & easily handled
    • Good abrasion resistance
    • High elongation
    • Lightest weight
    • Serial numbered factory terminations for regulatory compliance