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Dynamic rope – Our best-in-class dynamic rope has been selected for it’s excellent technical specifications and uncompromising safety standards. Dynamic ropes are ideal for rock climbing, mountaineering and ice climbing. They absorb energy from falls. Their ability to stretch reduces the peak arrest force and reduces the chance of catastrophic failure in fall situations.

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  • 11mm dynamic rope imagedynamic rope image straight

    11mm Dynamic Rope 100% Nylon Kernmantle

    £2.54 per metre

    Our 11mm dynamic 100% Nylon Kernmantle line has a braid-on-braid nylon construction and an elongation of 26.89% Safety Standard: CE certified and complies with EN 892. CE certified CE2233.

  • donaghys cougar orange imagedonaghys cougar orange image

    Donaghys Cougar Rope for Arbor and Climbing 11.7mm


    Donaghys has worked closely alongside certified Arborists and champion tree climbers to develop a range of arbor ropes you can hang your life on.
    Safety Standard: ANSI Z 133 Standards. CE certified and complies with EN 1891. CE certified CE2233

  • Marlow Dynamic Rope


    Test Standards: CE EN 892

    When it comes to your climbing and safety needs, Marlow Dynamic Climbing Ropes stand out as the perfect choice. These ropes are engineered to deliver an exceptional combination of attributes, making them the go-to solution for various applications, from climbing to fall arrest and more.

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