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Flagpole Rope – Our accessory cords in 4mm, 6mm or 8mm are perfect for lightweight flags and if you have something heavier, our LSK and UHMWPE ropes are excellently suited.

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Flagpole Rope

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A good quality rope is essential to the smooth raising and lowering of your flag. A Halyard is a line or rope used for hoisting a sail or flag. Halyards were traditionally made from natural fibres like hemp but have since evolved to include materials such as nylon or polyester.

Our halyard rope comes with free delivery within the United Kingdom and can be cut to order to match your flag pole size. We work to ensure every customer benefits from quality products at a very reasonable price, so contact us to discuss the best length, diameter and colour to suit your needs.

What is the best type of rope to use for a flagpole?

The best option for a flagpole halyard is a rope made from polyester. It has good resistance to abrasion, high strength, and good UV resistance. Polyester is also a material that doesn’t fade or discolour in sunlight, so it can stay clean and white when on the flagpole. Polyester also has low elongation properties, so it will remain taut and works best for flags in low wind conditions.

There is a range of polyester rope variants, for example, those that come with a wire or kevlar core. These items have a higher price point but are tamper-resistant, so a great choice if your flag will be in an area accessible by the public.

Nylon rope is another popular choice for halyard rope due to its durability. If your flagpoles are in high wind conditions, then nylon rope products are more suitable than polyester items thanks to the high stretch properties. High elongation means the line can provide the necessary shock absorption to counter high winds.

So, for flagpole use in low winds, polyester is best. For flags in high winds, nylon will be the better option. If you are facing particularly strong winds, look no further than our UHMWPE Rope which will support just about anything!

What size rope do you use for a flagpole?

The length of your flagpole will determine the size of the halyards. As a rule of thumb, the rope should be twice the length of the above-ground portion of the pole.

Regarding width, most flagpoles will require a halyard with diameters of approximately 4mm, 6mm or 8mm. The thickness must be sufficient enough to support the flag, but more importantly, it should be able to feed comfortably through the pulley or truck on the pole.

How do you fix a rope on a flagpole?

A rope will be fitted either internally or externally to flagpoles, according to their halyard system.

An External Halyard Flagpole system means the rope lies on the outside of the pole and threads through a pulley mounted on the very top of the flagpole. There is a cleat where the halyard is tied off and this is positioned either at eye level or at the base of the pole.

An Internal Halyard System hides the rope inside the flagpole, and this moves up and then out of a truck/pulley at the top. A winch secures the halyard at the bottom of the pole, which is accessed by unlocking a small door when you need to raise or lower flags.

Internal halyard systems have higher prices, but they are more secure and give you a more streamlined look. As the flagpole halyard is stored inside, it may also last for longer as it is not exposed to the elements.

For successful installation, don’t forget that you will need flag pole accessories, including flag clips and toggles.

Our Flagpole rope, also known as Accessory Cord, from the Southern Ropes range, can be used for many different purposes, including flag-raising. This line is made from polyester, with a core of parallel strands and a braided polyester cover. It is a great choice for a halyard as it has high abrasion resistance properties, is highly resistant to the elements and is very low stretch. Our UHMWPE Ropes are the next option up for large flags and could support the flag securely even in the strongest winds.

This high-quality polyester rope is available in diameters from 2mm to 6mm and in six different colours to match your flags or flagpoles. All our products come in custom-cut sizes and at unbeatable prices, so contact us today to discuss the right size to meet your needs.

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