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Lifebuoy housing is an essential feature of any water safety set up. The housing protects lifebuoys and its accompanying throw lines from extreme weather conditions, while still making them easy to access in emergency situations. The housing cabinet is also designed to protect the lifebuoys from vandalism and inappropriate use.

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Lifebuoy Housing

lifebuoy cabinet

Our lifebuoy cabinets are designed to hold both 24-inch and 30-inch life rings and are made from durable polyethylene. In rescue situations, 24-inch rings are best for throwing in ponds or lakes as they are more lightweight. The larger 30-inch rings are heavier and therefore the preferred products for dropping from harbour walls or docksides. An optional cabinet cover is available which securely fits over the exterior of the lifebuoy housing to protect against vandalism but can be easily removed by emergency services or members of the public in crisis situations.

A lifebuoy housing cabinet must be installed securely and we offer mounting kits plus different sized posts to assist you with this.

Above surface and below surface mounting poles and rail mounting kits will ensure your housing is securely displayed in a highly visible location. The above surface mounting pole gives you a 1.5 metre galvanised steel pole with a steel base plate and can be fastened to a variety of surfaces.

The below surface mounting pole measure 2 metres, again made with galvanised steel and can be mounted in concrete for extra secure fitting.

If you would prefer a full water safety kit, then we offer a set that is designed for lakes and ponds, or an open water set. The Lakeside safety set includes a 24inch ring, a throw line and the storage cabinet. The Dockside water safety set, which is ideal for jettys and docks, include a 30inch ring, throwline and the lifebuoy cabinet. Mounting rail kits and posts, plus the optional cover are sold separately for both products, giving you flexibility on where you display the housing.

All of our lifebuoy ring and housing cabinet products are produced to the highest standards. They feature white SOLAS Reflective panels and comes with the MED Ship’s Wheel stamp of approval. They are UV treated to prevent them from fading.

Access Ropes products come with free delivery in the UK, so get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements or visit our lifebuoy housing product pages for more details and price information. We offer 2 life rings that are a great fit for any water safety operation.

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