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Our range of buoys and life ring cabinets and covers are produced to the highest standards. Our lifebuoys feature white SOLAS Reflective panels and are marked with the MED Ship's Wheel stamp of approval. We offer fast and free UK shipping by courier and are always happy to discuss multi-buy discounts.





Lifebuoy Accessories and Water Safety Equipment

Product focus:
Large Lifebuoy for Marinas

There are numerous hazards specific to areas such as marinas, harbours and open water. It is therefore necessary that the proper flotation rings are present at all times. We stock 30-inch buoys which have a use in any type of potentially life-threatening emergencies. This type of basic water rescue equipment adheres to all current EU regulations, so reliability in use is never a concern. Some of the primary features associated with this 30-inch model include:

  • The rings all use SOLAS reflective tape
  • They use high-quality and buoyant PU foam as the interior filler
  • The presence of a MED Ship's Wheel compliance watermark
  • Fully engineered and manufactured within the European Union

Please note that this 30-inch buoy can be equipped with an encapsulated throw rope if it is of use to you; often a worthwhile addition when dealing with the unpredictable conditions frequently associated with the open water. It's use is in throwing the device a greater distance.

Product focus:
Medium Lifebuoys for lakes, ponds and small bodies of water

While the hazards associated with more enclosed spaces such as lakes, ponds and rivers may not initially appear to be serious, the fact of the matter is that countless accidents and drownings occur each and every year due to a lack of the proper water rescue equipment. All bodies of water that have public access should have at least one life ring. This is why it is critical to possess the appropriate measures in order to remain prepared at all times. Access Ropes is therefore pleased to supply medium-sized buoys. These 24-inch models are both lightweight and extremely durable; able to provide the necessary level of protection required by current regulations. Some of the primary features associated with these models include:

  • Highly reflective SOLAS tape for superior levels of visibility
  • Fully engineered and produced in the European Union
  • Interiors comprised of PU foam
  • An official watermark illustrating compliance with the MED ships wheel certification

Similar to our lifebuoys designed for the open water, it is possible to equip this model with an encapsulated throw rope if desired. They are also ideal for using on a boat or yacht - at least one should be fitted to either side of the vessel.

Floating Ropes, Encapsulated Ring Ropes and Rescue Throw Ropes

While there is no doubt that open water safety equipment such as flotation rings are crucial, the fact of the matter is that various other accessories play equally important roles.  Our selection of floating ropes can make all of the difference if a ships individual happens to fall overboard; particularly on the open water and during rough conditions.

We supply hanks of floating ropes in widths of 8 and 10 millimetres.  Lengths of 30 metres will be adequate for the majority of requirements.  Furthermore, we offer encapsulated throw lines that fit within our line of buoys; for easy storage and retrieval when needed.  These can be equipped in tandem with both the 24- and 30-inch buoys.

These ropes are brightly coloured for easy identification during inclement or low-light conditions.  As they are designed to float on the open water, they can be effectively used in conjunction with our line of buoys in order to affect rescue when time is of the essence.

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