11mm Dynamic Rope 100% Nylon Kernmantle


11mm Dynamic Rope 100% Nylon Kernmantle


Our 11mm dynamic 100% Nylon Kernmantle line has a braid-on-braid nylon construction and an elongation of 26.89% Safety Standard: CE certified and complies with EN 1891. CE certified CE2233   View product details and technical information


11mm Dynamic Rope Designed for Climbing

Our 11mm Dynamic Rope is 100% Nylon Kernmantle. Designed specifically for climbing activities. Its ability to stretch is what gives this rope its dynamic characteristics.  It is very important to use a dynamic rope for climbing activities – this rope can absorb stresses of rapid loading like falls which reduces the likelihood of injury. Here’s an article on the differences between dynamic and static lines. Dynamic ropes have a degree of stretch in contrast to a static rope which has little or no elongation under load. This stretch reduces the peak force and therefore the chance of failure. Kernmantle ropes such as ours are the most common type of dynamic rope. Since 1945, nylon has replaced natural materials such as hemp due to its durability and strength. Correct maintenance and storage of your rope prolongs its life and ensures consistent performance. Check out our guide to looking after your rope for more on this subject.


  • Cover: Nylon
  • Corer: Nylon


  • Diameter: 11mm
  • Construction: Braid on Braid
  • Rope Classification: 1
  • Mass per unit Length (g/m): 79
  • Elongation: 26.89%
  • Fall Arrest Peak: 11.2KN
  • Dynamic performance, number of drops: 10
  • Break Load: 45% Extension


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

20 metres, 40 metres, 50 metres, 60 metres, 100 metres, 200 metres


Red, Blue, Yellow and Black


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