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Marlow Blue Ocean Static


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Eco-conscious innovative rope solution made from 100% Blue Ocean yarn, NFPA and CE certified. Ideal for rope access, abseiling and work positioning.

Marlow Ropes
Diameter (mm)11
Sheath Slippage (%)0.3
50-150kg Elongation (%)1
Shrinkage (%)0
Mass Core (g/m)66.0
Mass Cover (g/m)29.1
Mass Rope (g/m)95.2
Mass Rope (lb/100ft)6.40
Core materialRecycled polyester (Blue Ocean® yarn)
Cover materialRecycled polyester (Blue Ocean® yarn)
Core constructionMultiple twisted polyester cores
Cover construction16 plait braided polyester
Minimum Static Strength ex. terminations (kN)22
Average Static Strength ex. terminations (kN)36.4
Minimum Static Strength with terminations (kN)15
Average Static Strength with sewn eye (kN)22.5
Average Static Strength with fig. 8 loop (kN)22.0
Fall Factor 1 falls. Fig. 8 loop (80kg)5
Peak Force (kN). Fig 8 loop6.6
Test standardCE MR-1081
Diameter (mm)11
% elongation at 1.35kN (300Ibf) 1.3
% elongation at 2.7kN (600Ibf) 2.2
% elongation at 4.4kN (1000Ibf) 3.2
Mass Rope (g/m)95.2
Mass rope (Ib/100ft) 6.40
Colour whiteWhite
Minimum breaking strength (kN) 31.0
Minimum breaking strength (Ibf) 6975
Materialrecycled polyester (BlueOcean® yarn)
Test Standard NFPA 2500:2022 Edition

The BLUE OCEAN STATIC is NEW to Marlow’s Rope Access range. Made from 100% Blue Ocean yarn, this eco-conscious innovative rope solution is NFPA and CE certified. Ideal for rope access, abseiling and work positioning.

Due to its Polyester construction the Blue Ocean® Static has significantly lower elongation than an equivalent Nylon rope. This means more accurate positioning with less bouncing about, less fatigue (less of the climber’s energy is used in stretching the rope), less ‘drop’ if a climber’s weight transitions from a working rope to a low stretch backup and less wear on the rope due to movement through hardware. Care should be taken to ensure the rope is used for work positioning only.

This rope is not designed for fall arrest. When used as a backup rope a suitable energy absorber should be incorporated in the system to prevent the risk of high dynamic loads being developed.

blue ocean elogation chart

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