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Diablo Static Rope For Extreme Use


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High quality, UKCA and CE Type A certified rope with a special heat resistant cover. Designed for military, police and emergency services, essential for rope access requiring a low stretch rope with added resistance to extreme environments and hard use.

Marlow Ropes
Diameter (mm) 11.5
WEIGHT (kg/100m) 8.96
COVER CONSTRUCTION Multiple Twisted Nylon 32 plait Technora® with 48 plait red Nylon inner cove

Marlow Diablo Static Rope is a high quality, UKCA and CE Type A certified rope with a special heat-resistant cover. Designed for military, police and emergency services, Diablo is essential for all rope access professionals who require a low stretch kernmantle type rope with added resistance to extreme environments and hard use. When exposed to direct heat (for example, from a blow torch or close proximity to halogen lamps), Diablo’s survival time at temperatures exceeding 300°C, is 5 times that of regular static ropes. In instances of heat exposure up to 300°C, Diablo continues to maintain load bearing properties in excess of 10kN even after 15 minutes, whereas regular static ropes will catastrophically fail after 45 seconds.


CORE: Diablo rope features a core made from high tenacity Polyamide (Nylon), ensuring lightweight, high strength, exceptional energy absorption, and excellent resistance to various chemicals and UV radiation.

COVER: The outer layer boasts a blend of heat-resistant para-aramid and high tenacity polyamide, resulting in a durable cover that excels in abrasion resistance. Para-aramid is known for its outstanding heat resistance, decomposing only at temperatures exceeding 500°C. This thick para-aramid blended cover provides a crucial insulation buffer zone between the heat source and the rope’s cores. Additionally, it enhances cut resistance by a factor of two compared to standard ropes, thanks to the para-aramid element in the cover. By combining aramid with nylon, the rope’s temperature stability is ensured, with the latent heat of fusion stabilizing it at approximately 220°C. Furthermore, the single cover design allows for easy inspection to detect any potential damage.


CORES MANUFACTURED FROM HIGH TENACITY NYLON: Diablo rope’s cores are crafted from high tenacity nylon, ensuring it remains lightweight while maintaining exceptional strength. It also exhibits impressive energy absorption properties and is highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals and UV exposure.

PARA-ARAMID BLENDED COVER YARNS: The thick and robust para-aramid blended cover offers outstanding abrasion resistance. It excels in heat resistance, making it ideal for applications involving high temperatures. This cover design creates an effective insulation layer between the heat source and the cores, enhancing safety. Additionally, it significantly improves cut resistance, making it twice as resistant as standard ropes, thanks to the inclusion of para-aramid in the cover. The blend of aramid with nylon stabilizes the rope’s temperature at around 220°C through latent heat fusion. The single cover design facilitates easy inspection for potential damage.

TWISTED FIBRE COVER CONSTRUCTION: The twisted fiber cover construction not only provides excellent abrasion resistance but also enhances the rope’s overall handling. It is particularly well-suited for use with ascenders and descenders.

SOLID BLACK OPTION: Diablo is available in a solid black color, making it an excellent choice for military and police applications.

HIGH VISIBILITY OPTION: We offer Diablo with high-visibility fibers incorporated into the cover for emergency applications, ensuring maximum visibility even in critical situations.

UV RESISTANCE: The performance of Diablo, tested to EN 1891 standards, remains uncompromised even after exposure to UV radiation.

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