Dockside Water Safety Set – Water Safety for harbors, jettys and docks

£219.99 | £183.33 excl. VAT

Dockside Water Safety Set – Water Safety for harbors, jettys and docks

£219.99 | £183.33 excl. VAT

Our Dockside Water Saferty set consists of our large life ring buoy (30”) with encapsulated throw line and housed within one of our lifebuoy cabinets. It’s an ideal solution for docks or pontoons with a drop onto the water.

  • Different mounting options to suit your environment
  • Sturdy and heavy enough to drop from harbour walls
  • Ships with a quick deploy encapsulated throw line
  • SOLAS reflective tape and MED Approved buoy
  • Optional protective cover

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The Dockside / Open Water Safety set is perfect for use around open bodies of water where there is a drop from land (such as docks, pontoons or sea walls). 

The lifebuoy is a large life ring (30”), suitable for floating in deep, choppy water. It is Ship’s Wheel stamped, and features SOLAS Reflective tape for improved visibility when conditions are poor. The ring contains PU Foam to hinder water intake. This gives the buoy a great ratio of weight to buoyancy. 

We also include an encapsulated throw line with a plastic handle for easy grip. The throw line is a fluorescent orange floating rope which is 30m long (6mm diameter), ensuring a decent coverage from land to water.

The lifebuoy housing cabinet is robust for outdoor conditions, protecting the life ring and the encapsulated throw line from natural weathering. The cabinet is a single unit, moulded from HDPE Plastic and is ideal for long-term use. The cabinet can be attached to either a galvanised mounting pole (we offer a 2.5m below-ground or 1.5 metre above-ground option) or an existing guardrail, using suitable U-Bolts with nuts and bolts also supplied.

We recommend including a cabinet cover in your order to deter vandals and protect the lifebuoy and throw line from the elements, but this is optional. This cover detaches quickly and easily any time access is required.

If you’re seeking water safety equipment better suited for smaller bodies of water, you should check out our lakeside water safety set, which is more lightweight and suitable for throwing from the waterline.

Included30” Life Ring
Encapsulated throw line
Lifebuoy cabinet
Optional extras1.5 metre above surface mounting post with base
2 metre below surface mounting post
U-bolts for rail mounting
Cabinet cover