Galvanised Mounting Pole for Life Buoy Cabinets


Galvanised Mounting Pole for Life Buoy Cabinets


The Galvanised Mounting Pole can be used for installation of the lifebuoy cabinet. The mounting pole can either be purchased as a 1.5m pole with a base plant or a 2m pole for surface mounting.

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The Galvanised Mounting Pole can provide a safe and secure set up for the lifebuoy cabinet.  The pole comes in 2 types depending on the location of installment. 

The 1.5m pole has a base plant mount which allows installation from the ground. This pole installation is usually advised for when there is no access to a suitable mounting surface – such as on a pontoon, near a lake, on a riverside, or around small bodies of water. A fixing set is provided for easy installation for mounting the lifebuoy cabinet. 

The 2m pole is generally used for below surface mounting such as on beaches, in parks, and in remote areas. The pole can also be attached and fixed to walls and surfaces. It is important to check and make sure the fittings and structures are secured and fixed tightly.

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Mounting option

1.5m Surface mounted with base plant, 2m Pole for below surface mounting


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