Life Ring Rope Holder – Encapsulated Line Holder for 24″ and 30″ Life Rings


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Our Life Ring Rope Holder or encapsulated rope holder is used to contain a braided, floating rope and designed to fit within the diameter of our 24″ Life Ring or 30″ Life Ring. 

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life ring buoy with encapsulated throw line image

Our life ring rope holder or encapsulated floating line holder is a UV resistant tough plastic casing that can fit within the inner diameter of a lifebuoy.

The item attaches to the life ring for easy deployment and prevents the rope from twisting and tangling.  The holder comes in 2 sizes, 1 for our 24” life ring and one for the 30” life ring. 

The rope within the holder is a 30m length of 8mm braided orange polyethylene. The encapsulated line holder protects and hides the rope within the casing, making vandalism and theft much less likely.

Once the life ring and rope have been deployed it is important to replace the item with a new line holder to ensure that is free of any twists, knots, abrasion or wearing (We’re not just saying that, in a safety situation, a knot can mean disaster).

Please note, this product is available as an add on for both of the life buoy sizes we sell. 

MaterialUV-Resistant Plastic
SizeTo fit our 24″ or 30″ Life Buoy Rings
BrandSouthern Ropes

Always make sure that you know how to be safe on the water, it never hurts to brush up on a few tips even IF the sea is your mistress. The Royal Life Saving Society is always our first port of call on any safe voyage.

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