Life Ring Cabinet for 24″ and 30″ buoys

£129.99 | £108.33 excl. VAT

Life Ring Cabinet for 24″ and 30″ buoys

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£129.99 | £108.33 excl. VAT

Our life buoy ring cabinet is designed to hold our 24″ life ring and our 30″ life ring. They’re made from durable HDPE plastic and will protect your life ring from the elements and vandalism. We offer a range of lifebuoy housing options and accessories.

We offer a range of options and mounting solutions for this life buoy ring housing. See below for more details.

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Our Lifebuoy Housing Cabinet for Life Rigns are designed to accommodate both our 24″ life buoy ring and our 30″ life buoy ring. The cabinet is UV treated to prevent fading and is supplied in a high visibility safety orange to ensure maximum visibility.

We offer our life ring buoy housing with a range of mounting options. These include a rail mounting kit for the safe securing of the cabinet onto a rail (standard sized hand rail), a 1.5 metre base mount post in galvanised steel and a 2 metre below surface mounting post. We also offer other lifebuoy housing accessories and mounts.

Lifebuoy Cabinet Specification

Dimensions850mm x 850mm x 230mm

Lifebuoy Cabinet Cover Specification

Dimensions640mm x 800mm x 70mm

Life Buoy Cabinet Cover
The Cabinet Cover can be securely fitted over the cover to offer an additional layer of protection against the elements and vandalism.

Rail Mounting Kit
The rail mount kit features two u-bolts that hook around a rail. These are secured with the supplied M10 washers and nuts. This set up will accomodate rails up to 50mm in diameter.

Above Surface Mounting Pole (1.5 metres)
The 1.5 metre galvanised steel above surface pole comes with a 200mm x 200mm steel base plate which can be mounted to a surface of your choice (mounting materials and tools not included).

Below Surface Mounting Pole (2 metres)
The 2 metre below surface post sits below the surface and can be mounted into concrete or by other secure means (materials and tools to achieve this are not included).

1 review for Life Ring Cabinet for 24″ and 30″ buoys

  1. Alan Marshall

    Seems strong, it was relatively easy to mount on our guard rail. Fast shipping, thanks!

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