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Response Static Low Stretch Kernmantle Rope (LSK)

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Designed for use in rope access applications such as abseiling, controlled descents, rescue and cave exploration.

Safety Standard: CE certified and complies with EN 1891. CE certified CE2233

Southern Ropes
Rope Classification Type (A or B)AA
Diameter (mm)10.511
Mass per unit Length M (g/m)
Elongation (%)3.1%3.2%
Fall Arrest Peak (Kn)5.15.3
Dynamic Performance, number of chats >5
Shrinkage %2.4%2.6%
Break load without knots (Kg)29903250
Break Load with knots 21002300
CE Standard/ Certified EN 1891EN 1891


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Introducing the Response Low Stretch Kernmantle Rope (LSK) – the ultimate choice for access technicians worldwide. Designed for a variety of rope access applications including abseiling, controlled descents, rescue missions, and cave exploration, this LSK rope is a must-have for any professional climber or adventurer.

Crafted with precision, the outer sheath of this rope is specifically engineered to provide superior grip and handling in any environment. Whether you’re tackling offshore challenges or conquering onshore expeditions, this rope is built to withstand the toughest conditions. This rope is also well suited to military or air force applications.

The polyamide core fibers are the backbone of this rope, providing unmatched tensile strength. Meanwhile, the outer sheath acts as a shield, protecting the rope from abrasion during intense usage. This carefully constructed design ensures optimal strength, durability, and flexibility, guaranteeing a safe and reliable climbing experience.

Constructed from HT Polyester for the cover and Nylon for the core, this rope adheres to the highest technical standards. With a breaking load of 29 KN and a minimal elongation rate of 3.1%, you can trust in its reliability and safety. Plus, with a sheath slippage of only 0.3% and shrinkage of just 2.4%, you can rest assured that this rope is built to withstand even the toughest challenges.

Here’s a guide to the difference between dynamic and static ropes. Proper maintenance and storage of your rope prolongs its life and ensures consistent performance. Check out our guide to looking after your rope for more on this subject. Not what you’re looking for? Take a look at our full range of static ropes.

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