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Marlow Vega 11.7mm Climbing Rope


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Vega is certified for safety and quality, meeting UKCA and CE EN1891 standards, and aligning with ANSI Z133 compliance. This lightweight arborist climbing rope stands out with its exceptional low elongation rate of just 1.2%, currently among the best in the industry. It’s purposefully designed to cater to the latest mechanical climbing devices and contemporary climbing techniques. With a braided polyester core for minimal elongation and a 24 plait polyester jacket for unparalleled flexibility and durability, Vega ensures efficient and less strenuous climbs.

Marlow Ropes
Diameter (mm)11.7mm8.5-16mm8.5-16mm>11mm
50-150kg elongation (%)1.2%<5%<5%n/a
Elongation at 540Ibs (%)2.6%n/an/a<7%
Shrinkage (%)0%n/an/an/a
Mass Core (g/m)45.2g/mn/an/an/a
Mass Cover (g/m)55.6g/mn/an/an/a
Mass Rope (g/m)100.9g/mn/an/an/a
Av. Static strength ex terminations (kN)36.8kN22kN18kN24kN
Av. Static strength with fig. 8 loop (kN)18.9kN15kN12kNn/a
Av. Static strength with low profile eye (kN)21.2kN18kN12kNn/a
Drop TestFall Factor 1. Falls Fig. 8 loop10*5**5***
Peak force (kN) fig. 8 loop5.25kN<6kN<6kNn/a
* Marlow Drop testing results using 80kg weight
** Drop test type A requires to use 100kg weight
*** Drop test type B requires to use 80kg weight

Elevate Your Climbing Experience with Vega

The pinnacle of arborist climbing ropes, designed to redefine your climbing experience. Vega’s impressive credentials include certifications like UKCA and CE EN1891, ensuring top-notch quality and compliance with ANSI Z133 standards, reflecting its commitment to safety.

The standout feature of Vega is its astonishingly low elongation rate, currently the best in the market at just 1.2%. This remarkable attribute translates into precise control and unmatched stability during climbs, making it the go-to choice for modern climbers, especially for SRT Climbing.

Vega has been meticulously engineered with the evolving needs of climbers in mind. It’s specifically tailored to meet the demands of the new generation of mechanical climbing devices and contemporary climbing techniques. When you choose Vega, you’re not just investing in a rope; you’re investing in a safer, more efficient, and less exhausting climbing experience.

The heart of Vega lies in its braided polyester core, meticulously crafted to provide minimal elongation. This core ensures that climbs are not only secure but also less strenuous, reducing the fatigue associated with prolonged climbs.

Complementing the core is Vega’s 24-plait polyester jacket, which adds a layer of exceptional flexibility and handling. This combination of core and jacket offers unparalleled versatility, allowing you to navigate challenging terrains with ease, all without compromising on durability. With Vega, you get the best of both worlds – flexibility for precision movements and durability to withstand the rigors of arborist work.

Vega proudly belongs to the Type A ropes category, recognized for its suitability in rope access, line rescue, and speleology. It’s essential to note that Vega not only meets but surpasses all Type A requirements. The only exception is the ‘drop test dynamic performance,’ where Vega aligns with Type B requirements.

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