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Marlow Vesper 11.8mm Climbing Rope


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Introducing Vesper, the cutting-edge tree climbing line, new from 2022. This 11.8mm rope boasts an all-polyester construction, offering low elongation, excellent friction, and heat resistance. Vesper meets the rigorous EN 1891 Type A standards and holds both CE and UKCA certifications. Available in high visibility colors, with or without a low-profile splice termination, it’s your ideal companion for tree climbing adventures.

Marlow Ropes
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Specification Testing Results
Diameter (mm)11.8mm
50-150kg elongation (%)2.2%
Shrinkage (%)0%
Mass Core (g/m)51.8g/m
Mass Cover (g/m)56.3g/m
Mass Rope (g/m)107.9g/m
Av. Static strength ex terminations (kN)29.7kN
Av. Static strength with fig. 8 loop (kN)16.4kN
Av. Static strength with low profile eye (kN)20.3kN
Av. Static strength with sewn eye (kN)24.9kN
Drop TestFall Factor 1. Falls Fig. 8 loop
Peak force (kN) fig. 8 loop5.3

Prepare to elevate your tree climbing experience with Vesper, the latest innovation in tree climbing lines. Designed and meticulously crafted by Marlow Ropes, Vesper is an 11.8mm rope that combines cutting-edge technology with superior materials to offer unmatched performance.

Made from an all-polyester construction making it a low elongation rope, ensuring stability and safety during your climbs. Whether you’re ascending to new heights or navigating tricky branches, Vesper provides the reliability you need.

Vesper is fully compliant with EN 1891 as a Type A rope, making it suitable for professional and recreational tree climbers alike. Moreover, it holds CE and UKCA certifications, reaffirming its commitment to safety and quality.

Choose from two high-visibility colour options: orange & blue or lime & purple. These colour choices not only add a dash of style to your gear but also enhance visibility in challenging environments.

Regarding the core and cover, Vesper is built to last. Its core consists of braided polyester, providing strength and durability. The 24-plait polyester cover offers excellent friction resistance, ensuring a secure grip even in wet or challenging conditions. Vesper’s features and benefits are not limited to its construction. This rope is known for its lightweight, which reduces fatigue during extended climbs. Additionally, its extremely low elongation minimizes sagging and ensures a stable platform.


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