30m Lightweight Polyethylene Orange Heaving Line

£24.99 | £20.83 excl. VAT

30m Lightweight Polyethylene Orange Heaving Line

£24.99 | £20.83 excl. VAT

A 30-metre length of orange, braided, Polyethylene floating rope. This rope is highly visible on water and is an essential piece of kit whether you’re kayaking or yachting (and everything in between!).


Floating Rope Specification

Our polyethylene floating rope is used as a heaving or throw line because of its high strength-to-weight ratio, abrasion resistance and the fact that it floats!

It does not absorb water which keeps the rope above water and visible at all times. The rope has an excellent resistance to abrasion as well as high shock loading. The bright orange colour helps with visibility which can be especially important in low light environments or in choppy water.  It’s 8mm diameter means that it is light and small enough to store with enough strength and length to be used as a lifeline.

You may want to consider our Rope Throw Bag which is the same line contained within a handy, easy to throw rescue bag. This rope would also be suitable for storing inside our Lifebuoy housing to be used alongside one of our life rings.

Breaking Load700kg
BrandSouthern Ropes

Always make sure that you know how to be safe on the water, it never hurts to brush up on a few tips even IF the sea is your mistress. The Royal Life Saving Society is always our first port of call on any safe voyage.

Check out our range of rescue rope for the complete water safety set up.


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