Polypropylene Floating Rope

£0.74 - £0.94 / per metre

Polypropylene Floating Rope

£0.74 - £0.94 / per metre

An ideal rope for rescue that is lightweight , floats on water  and has excellent visibility. Great for attaching to bouys and works perfectly as a painter line for dinghies. Check out our floating rope range for more.

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Excellent rope and line where you need something that floats! Strong visibility and light weight makes this rope ideal for applications such as painters, safety lines and floating lines. This is the rope of choice to use as a painter for your dingy. The rope is constructed in a 8-strand plat made from multi-filament polypropylene. Can be an excellent line to take out in ribs, yachts, dinghies in case an emergency safety line might be needed. 

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8mm, 10mm