SuperSpeed – Yachting Rope

£0.49£6.39 Price per metre

SuperSpeed – Yachting Rope

£0.49£6.39 Price per metre

The latest performance rope from Southern Ropes, a coated 12-strand Stealth Fibre® core with HT Polyester cover. Performance rope perfect for sailing applications where ultra-low stretch and low weight is needed.

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This is a performance rope made for the serious sailor where strength and control can make the difference. The performance rope handles well where it is designed to be soft and light to use.

The inner core provides the strength with the latest UHMwPE rope. The inner core UHMwPE is pre heat seat which minimises the amount of stretch in the rope. ( Super Braid version is not pre heat set).

The outer cover material is made from HT Polyester. 

The rope is ultra low stretch and UV resistance.

The polyester sheath prevents the rope from blocks and jammer slippage.

Ideal for:

  • Sheet lines
  • Halyards
  • Control lines
  • Downhauls
  • Runner tails
  • Kickers
  • reefing
  • Furlers
  • Travellers.

Can be spliced very easily. Please note splicing will reduce the breaking load of the rope.

Super Speed Break Loads

DiameterMaximum Weight (kg)


MaterialPolyester spun cover with an inner UHMwPE core
ConstructionDouble Braid

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