UHMWPE STEALTH High Strength Rope

£1.59£13.39 per metre

UHMWPE STEALTH High Strength Rope

£1.59£13.39 per metre

Manufactured to specifications exceeding ISO 10325
Tested in accordance with ISO 2307
Heat-treated 12 strand single braid Stealth Fibre® UHMWPE (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethene DYNEEMA EQUIVALENT) rope with polyurethane coating. This rope is designed for high load applications where ultra-low stretch is required.


  • Wire Rope Replacement
  • Winch Lines
  • Towing
  • Lifting

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Heat-treated 12 strand single braid Dyneema Equivalent UHMWPE Stealth rope with polyurethane coating.
This high strength rope is designed for high load applications where ultra-low stretch is required. The heat treatment and polyurethane coating applied increases the rope’s abrasion resistance, prolonging its life. Check out our full ranges of specialist and high strength ropes. This rope is manufactured by Southern Ropes and is very similar to Dyneema Rope – it floats, is hydrophobic, chemical and UV resistant plus it’s stronger and safer than wire. Proper maintenance and storage of your rope prolongs its life and ensures consistent performance. Check out our guide to looking after your rope for more on this subject.

You can find out more about UHMWPE rope in our mega-guide.

This rope can be used as a synthetic winch rope. Heat set UHMwPE is ultra lightweight with a low stretch under force. It has an extremely high tensile strength with a polyurethane coating to provide external abrasion resistance.


  • Extremely high strength to weight ratio
  • Easy to splice because of braided construction
  • Highly resistant to UV &  most chemicals
  • Safer than wire
  • Floats and is hydrophobic
  • Low creep
  • Resistant to kinking
  • Maintains high strength around tight-radius bends
  • Wire replacement
  • The abrasion-resistant coating reduces the likelihood of snagging and provides superior winch drum grip


  • Stealth Fibre® Ultra-high molecular weight polyethene
  • 32 cN/dtex tenacity
  • 3.5% elongation at break
  • 0.98g/cm³ density
  • Core: 12 strand single braid UHMwPE yarn that is heat set
  • ISO 10325:2009 compliant

Options – Please get in touch for details

  • Custom colours available
  • Protective cover braid
  • Larger diameters
  • Spliced eyes
  • Thimbles
  • Proof loading with a certificate

12-Strand UHMWPE Single Braid Break Loads

Diameter (mm)Spliced Break Load (metric tonne)Linear Break Load (metric tonne)

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    4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm


    Grey, Yellow, Blue, Red


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