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Safety rope and accessories for rope rescue. All of our products are manufactured to the highest standards and can be trusted in an emergency.

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Safety Rope

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Safety Rope is needed in a wide range of circumstances, from use on water, to fire situations, or when working at height.

Safety rope should be an accessible piece of kit whenever there is a danger to human life and, if climbing, it should form part of the fall arrest system.

All safety equipment on our website has been manufactured to the highest standards and conforms to the necessary certifications to ensure it is suitable for high-risk situations.

The required properties of safety rope depends on the environment you operate in, so we store a range of different products to suit; whether you are concerned with height safety, water safety or working in the dark, there is a rope for you.

As a general rule of thumb, double braid or kernmantle rope constructions are preferred, with an easy to handle rope diameter. Nylon rope or polyester is best for dry conditions and polypropylene material is best for water safety lines.

For safety ropes that need to withstand high levels of heat, the rope needs to be exceptionally abrasion-resistant. Hotline from Southern Ropes is designed specifically for use around hot areas, like boilers and pipes. With an aramid jacket, it withstands temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius and is highly resistant to damage caused by sharp objects.

For safety rope in wet environments, the line must be highly visible and also float so it can be seen on water surfaces. Our Floating Rope is lightweight and designed for emergency lifesaving in bodies of water; it is easy to find when you need to grab it.

If you are caving or climbing in low light conditions, then a reflective static or low stretch line should be considered. Static rope works best for any rescue operations as it minimizes bounce, making it easier to control the load. The Reflective LSK Low Stretch Kernmantle rope is available in 11mm and 10.5mm diameter options and is a versatile high strength safety rope. A dynamic alternative could be used, but these are only preferred in top climbing rescue operations to reduce the risk of serious injury. Bright coloured ropes or those with reflective fleck strips will enhance visibility and are essential for dark conditions.

All Access Ropes are available at very reasonable prices and items can be cut to order, so contact us today.