Soft Shackles

Experience the durability and lightweight flexibility of our UHMWPE Soft Shackles. Ideal for quick, secure connections in marine, recovery, and outdoor activities, they offer a robust alternative to metal shackles.

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  • 8mm red

    8mm Soft Shackle

    • 11,200kg Break Load: Industry-leading ultra-high strength.
    • Precision-Crafted for 8mm Applications: Tailored for intricate lifting and secure towing.
    • Robust UHMWPE Composition: Features unparalleled resilience and tensile strength.
    • Efficient Attachment Mechanism: Simplified hook-up with an eye splice; steadfast closure with a diamond knot.
    • Abrasion-Resistant Enhancement: A sturdy polyester sleeve increases longevity and safeguards connections.
    • Light and Agile Performance: Ensures optimal rigging outcomes with minimal effort.
  • 8mm blue soft shackle

    10mm Soft Shackle

    • 17,900kg Break Load: Industry-leading ultra high-strength
    • 10mm Design for Precision: Ideal for detailed towing and lifting, ensuring tight control.
    • Superior UHMWPE Build: Delivers exceptional durability and strength for rigorous tasks.
    • Quick & Secure Connection: Eye splice for rapid attachment; diamond knot for robust security.
    • Protective Polyester Sleeve: Guards against abrasion, prolonging equipment life.
    • Efficient & Lightweight: Offers high rigging performance with effortless handling.
  • 12mm Soft Shackle

    • 23,000kg Break Load: Industry-leading ultra high-strength
    • 12mm UHMWPE Construction: Offers unparalleled strength for towing and lifting.
    • Convenient Design: Eye splice for easy attachment; diamond knot for secure locking.
    • Enhanced Protection: Features a durable, soft polyester sleeve for abrasion resistance.
    • Lightweight Efficiency: Delivers high-performance rigging with minimal bulk.

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