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Our static ropes are low stretch, Certified Safe in the UK and perfect for a variety of access and leisure applications. Low Stretch Kernamantle Ropes are the best ropes for abseiling and rappelling.

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Static Rope

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What is static rope?

static rope is designed to have very low stretch and is also known as low elongation or semi-static rope. While the terms are used interchangeably by suppliers and manufacturers, the most important factor is to check that the rope meets EN1891 certifications. This ensures the rope has been tested and has the required properties to be classed as a static, or low-stretch.

Static rope is used primarily for abseilingfire rescue and working at heights or caving as it gives you a high level of control, maximum strength and bounce-free movement. Ascending with static rope will also be less tiring on your muscles than doing so with high-stretch rope.

These low elongation ropes are also ideal for hauling heavy loads but should not be used for rock climbing or mountaineering.  Dynamic ropes are the safer, preferred rope for climbing as it will cushion you in any falls. If these lines are used to break a fall, there will be a greater risk of injury.

At Access Ropes we stock a great range of static lines, such as Southern Ropes Hotline Rope or Abseiling ropes. We keep up to date with the latest developments in this field and will always try to ensure we’re providing the best equipment possible. Our rope products are all safety assured, ship with certification and come at a competitive price. If you would like a custom length or a factory fresh reel then get in touch today.

To preserve the life of your lines, you should also review our guide to looking after your rope.

Static Rope Construction

The majority of modern static lines have a kernmantle construction. This is where the kern (the internal core) to covered and protected by the mantle (the woven sheath). The internal core, made with nylon or polyamide fibres, creates a high level of tensile strength. Nylon has been the preferred material for such rope as it is highly durable and does not tear. The non-slip sheath, with Aramid or Polyester, is what protects the rope from abrasion and provides the easy-grip properties. This makes the lines especially suitable for abseiling (but not climbing), rescue activities and also for marine use, where it is likely that they will face a high degree of weathering and abrasion.

If the rope is intended for use in rescue situations, then you can opt for static rope products that come in bright colours or have reflective strips incorporated into the sheath. The reflective strips in kernmantle lines are popular for use in sea diving, night work, or with cave exploration. Using the same concept as cats eyes, the strips allow greater visibility in low lighting conditions. Regardless of the colours chosen, the price points are very similar.

Low stretch kernmantle ropes (LSK) are available in Type A and Type B construction. Type A ropes are those that are used in, rope access, rescue work, caving and restraint operations. A Type B rope product will have a lower technical specification, be thinner in diameter, have a lower breaking strength and is usually lighter. They are best used in rescues that involve descent and ascents.

One other advantage that the kernmantle construction has over other static ropes is that it has a great capacity to absorb energy. Static rope has a working elongation of less than 5% and a breaking load of between 29 and 33 KN, which is why the lines are a great choice for pully systems and lifting heavy loads. Their shrinkage measures between 1.4 and 2.4% and sheath slippage is less than 0.5%. This low slippage ensures there will be no accelerated wear and tear against the core, thus maintaining its strength and safety properties.

Response Low Stretch Kernmantle Rope, made by Southern Ropes in South Africa, is our most popular product and we also stock other types of static lines, such as the Arborist ropes, which have a slightly different construction. They have exceptional handling, a larger diameter and specialist sheaths. It is available in several different colours.

Should you require ropes that are more suited for climbing operations then we offer a range of dynamic ropes in different colours and dimensions, that have a higher elongation of up to 40%. Kernmantle is also the most common construction for this rope, its dynamic characteristics allow the rope to absorb the energy of a sudden load more quickly and effectively than a static line. This leads to a reduction in peak force, cushioning your fall which lessens the chance of catastrophic failure and reduces the risk of injury. This is why dynamic ropes are preferred for rock climbing.

All our ropes come with free delivery in the United Kingdom, and can be cut to order to meet your requirements – just drop us an email. Different diameters and colours are also available so email us today or read our product descriptions for more information on price and delivery options.