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Our UHMWPE, 3 strand nylon and 3 strand polyester are all suitable towing ropes. Please note, these do not come with eyes or towing accessories.

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Towing Rope

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What is a towing rope?

Towing is the action of pulling an object, and there is no limit to how big or small that item can be. One thing is for sure though; something you will always need, regardless of the object, is a form of tow rope.

The exact type of rope you will require will depend on the weight of the load you are pulling, and the environment in which you are operating. Heavy duty loads will require a different make of tow rope, compared to light objects.

We stock a range of ropes that can be used as a tow rope, so you will be able to select one that fits your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us today for further information on any of the rope categories and products on our website.

What is the best type of rope for towing?

You can use different categories of ropes for towing depending on the strength required. Choosing the correct rope is essential for both safety reasons and for protecting the load that your pulling.

If you intend to use your vehicle for road recovery or towing loads, you must be sure that you get a heavy-duty tow rope that is compatible with the towing system and your tools. An ill-fitting tow rope or tow strap, or poorly maintained shackles or winches can do more harm than good.

Nylon rope¬†was created as an alternative to natural fibres like hemp approximately sixty years ago and, while it is a multi-purpose rope, it is a popular choice for towing small objects.¬†Nylon ropes¬†are strong, have good abrasion resistance and are not affected by water. They also have high elasticity, so you will find it has some ‚Äėgive‚Äô when used as a tow rope, meaning you don‚Äôt get a high level of jolting.

Polyester rope is a popular alternative to nylon rope for towing small objects. This rope is lightweight, flexible and has great UV resistance properties. It also has lower elongation than nylon rope but still does not lose strength when wet.

The Southern Ropes 3 Strand Polyester rope and 3 Strand Nylon rope are both multi-purpose lines that can be used as a tow rope. They are flexible, easy to hand when wet and are highly resistant to abrasion. Both of these lines exceed the British and European Standardisation BS EB 697:1995 and will be cut according to our customer needs.

For towing larger items, in particular, a vehicle or vessel, then a stronger, more heavy-duty tow rope will be required. HMPE or UHMWPE (Ultra-high molecular weight polyethene) is the preferred rope in many garages for vehicle towing services as it has a much greater max load capacity and greater reliability than the alternatives.

This line is designed especially to support high loads, where ultra-low stretch is required. It floats, is chemical and UV resistant and has an extremely high tensile strength. In addition to these features, HMPE is a popular alternative to wire rope as it has an incredibly high strength to weight ratio and is much safer. If a wire rope breaks when under force, for example when towing, it will whip quickly and unpredictably around the place, causing damage to anything it comes into contact with. UHMWPE or HMPE rope is constructed with parallel fibres, so that if it was to break, it recoils in a linear fashion which is much safer and easier to control.

We currently stock Stealth Fibre UHMWPE, a heat-treated 12 strand single braid line with polyurethane coating. This is ideal for tow ropes or winch lines, as it has exceptional abrasion resistance, won’t kink or snag and is smooth to handle. UHMWPE can be used in a variety of industries in a wide range of heavy-duty applications, including recovery ropes and is the strongest performance ropes you will find.

Contact us today to discuss your tow rope needs or for more information on any of the tow ropes we stock. All orders come with free delivery in the UK.